How do London Electrician Training Courses Work?

  • The training course prepares you for a career as an electrician
  • No prior experience required
  • Flexible training so you can carry on your job, family and other commitments whilst you train
  • The course allows you to study at a pace that suits you

Will the electrician qualifications help me get a job?

  • Earn City & Guilds as well as other industry recognised qualifications
  • Get qualifications that are in demand from London employers and those throughout the UK
  • Once qualified you can use the qualifications to make an income for the rest of your working life

Who are the trainers and what are the London facilities like?

  • Fully equipped training facility with all the tools you will need
  • Qualified trainers that have been electrician’s for many years prior to teaching
  • Learn what you need to know to work as an electrician and not only what is required to attain the qualification
  • Whilst it is possible to learn the theory parts in London it may not be possible to conduct the practical workshop sessions in London

How do I find out more about London electrician courses?

  • Let us know you are interested in London electrician courses by completing the form on the right
  • Then lets have a call on the phone so we can tell you more about the electrician courses in London
  • You will not be asked for any money unless you decide to purchase a course